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How to put Facebook Chat on the website?

If you have a blog or website. Or you are providing any service through your website. So it is important that you have a connectivity facility on your site. To get in touch, you will find contact forms on almost all sites or blogs. Live chat option is a must for quick resolution of your visitor’s or clients’ problems. So today we tell you how to embed Facebook Chat Widget in your website?

How to add Facebook Chat Widget to your website?

Everyone who uses an online service today, or is connected to the Internet, has a Facebook page or profile. You can quickly answer your visitor’s or customer’s questions or feedback by embedding your Facebook Messenger into your website. You don’t need to embed any other company’s chatbox on the website.

When you use another company’s chatbox on your website, you need to have an assistant. Which can give correct answers to your visitors.

Here I am telling 2 ways. One for WordPress users and with the second method you can use it on any CMS.

WordPress User How To Embed Facebook Chat Widget In Your Website?

If your site is WordPress then it is very easy for you. You can embed Facebook Chat on your site just by using a plugin.

1 First you download the Facebook Chat Plugin – Live Chat Plugin for WordPress plugin.

Facebook Chat Widget



Requires WordPress Version: 3.9 or higher

Requires PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher

Facebook Presence
In order to use the Chat Plugin, you will need to have a published Facebook Page. You can find a list of your Facebook Pages by following this link. If you do not have a Facebook Page, you can create one for free here.
Once you have your Facebook Page ready, you will be asked to log in to Facebook on the computer or device you are using to install the plugin. You can then follow the directions below.


To install the Chat Plugin:
1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
2. In the search field, type ‘Facebook Chat Plugin’ and click ‘Search Plugins’. Select the plugin authored by ‘Facebook’. You can install it by simply clicking ‘Install Now.


Following the Facebook platform and versioning, all versions will be supported for 2 years from launch. Updating should be safe and easy.

Facebook Chat Widget
Facebook Chat Widget


After navigating to the Chat Plugin settings page, click on ‘Setup Customer Chat.’ A new window will appear for setting up the plugin and you will be asked to select the Facebook

Page you want to use. Next, you will go through the plugin setup with the following steps:
1. You will be asked to select the language and you can customize the greeting message. The default greeting is “Hi! How can we help you?”
2. The next screen allows you to select your response time and chat color. By setting the response time, you can set expectations with your customers on when they will receive a response
3. Next, click on ‘Finish’ to save these settings and click ‘Done’ to close this window. The Messenger customer chat plugin should now be installed.
4. You can rerun the setup by clicking ‘Edit Customer Chat’. To remove the plugin, you can deactivate the plugin/uninstall it.

Facebook Chat Widget

That’s it! You’re all set. Now all visitors to your WordPress website will see the Messenger customer chat plugin and can message you.

How To Install Without Plugin Facebook Chat Widget In Your Website?

So let’s make Facebook Chat Widget without Plugin. Which you can embed in any website.

Create Facebook App ID or login

  • First of all hit this URL in the new tab
  • Select the type of your app.
  • Click on “+ Add New App”.
  • Enter Display Name and Contact Email in your App ID.
  • Then click on Create App ID.

Facebook Chat Widget dashboard

  • Now you have to open Facebook Business Suite.
  • Select your business account here.
  • After this open the Chat Plugin tab.
  • In Setup Your Chat Plugin, you have to give the domain of the website.

Facebook Chat Widget

After clicking on Setup, you have to complete all the steps. After adding the domain, the code will appear in front of you. You have to paste this code into your website.

Facebook Chat Widget

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