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With a combined experience of over 10 years and having been consulted by more than 25+ Brands, Coral100 is the fastest growing Public Relations firm in India that delivers state­ of-the-art solutions to Brands, Businesses and Organisations across industry sectors and major markets in India. Not only we ideate stories for your products and services but also create powerful narratives that make the story bigger and your impression larger. You can trust us we are the Best PR Company in India

We partner with dedicated specialists to develop communication strategy that best suits our clients’ interest so they can lead with confidence and build a lasting relationship with their stakeholders. 

In this fast-moving world where every brand needs its share of visibility, Coral100 works as a catalyst that makes a dream come true. Coral100is a Public Relations and Marketing Agency, one of the Best PR Company in India, has been redefining the “full service” agency concept for more than a decade. We go beyond media outreach and press acquisition to maximize the impact of our campaigns by incorporating social media, brand marketing, and creative consulting.

With our extensive public relations services, we are simple yet distinctive. Our razor-sharp focus assists the brand in understanding the market psyche and operating in real-time. Our innovative and collaborative approach to clients’ public relations campaigns demonstrated our communication and public relations expertise, ensuring that the brand is always one step ahead of the media curve.

Our genuine, synergistic, and unique approach to clients’ campaigns keeps the brand ahead of the media curve and distinguishes us in the market. We Also offer Digital Markiting and Website Development Services in India.